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Dr Ray Woods
School in Marrickville
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275 Old Canterbury Rd. Dulwich Hill. Marrickville, NSW, 2203.
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Dr. Ray woods is internationally recognized and acclaimed as the inventor of follicular unit extraction (fue) and boby hair to scalp transplantation (bht) since 1989. Every aspect of this discipline was explored, developed and perfected, including intricate and complicated scar repair previously thought to be untreatable. Along with creating this new discipline, it was paramount to dr. Woods to set new standards in ethics and accountability. As his work progressed, many thought his concept was impossible and impractical. After witnessing close friends suffer the physical and psychological trauma of disfiguring hair transplant surgery, he began research and experimentation to create a new minimally invasive microsurgical follicular single unit extraction process, which did not exist anywhere in the world. Dr. Woods had envisaged the discipline to be a process of microsurgical follicular extraction, but found that worldwide best practice was extremely different and far removed from his vision. However, he maintained a fascination with the concept of hair transplantation since he was 17 years old, and in 1989 decided to investigate the process. He had wide experience in many areas of medicine including neurosurgery, trauma, and internal medicine, obstetrics, skin cancer surgery and cosmetic dermatological surgery. Dr. Ray woods graduated from sydney university medical school in 1982. Dr. Ray woods created an irreversible world wide trend toward minimally invasive microsurgical hair transplant surgery, and is recognized internationally as the innovator and world's most experienced and leading expert in the field of follicular single unit extraction hair transplantation and related scar repair and body hair to scalp transplants.

The DONOR area is the hair at the back and sides of the head, which NEVER falls out over maximum of the lifetime, and thus can be transplanted anywhere on the scalp or body, and grow permanently. In the 1980s, the trauma from the PUNCH method rendered the donor area decimated, and inaccessible for further procedures, so doctors began cutting out a important strip of flesh from the back of the head (REFER FIG.B), and had it dissected into smaller pieces containing follicles, and then transplanted it to the balding area. These methods were invasive and often extremely damaging to the scalp, and commonly leaving disfigurement. There is no need for big strips being cut across a patient’s scalp. In 1989 Dr Ray Woods realized that the hair transplantation industry was using medieval, barbaric and harmful methods destroying the lives of countless men. In 1998, Dr Woods encountered patients who had horrific ruin to the donor areas (back of head) and calm had meaningful baldness, unsightly plugs and scarring on top of the head. Despite not only having developed a highly triumphant alternative to the outdated and destructive Hair Transplant methods Be strip, plugs, scalp flaps etc, he had also now developed a new technique to fix those whom had been scarred and left without adequate donor hair, using micro skin grafting and BLT. Is there damaged to the donor areas? For example the strip mining procedure would involve cutting a literal strip of scalp out of the donor area of the patient’s head. The overhead procedures were harmful to patients. A lot of women who suffer from hair loss feel there is no aid available for them, but as Dr. Woods explains there is help in many cases to improve their appearance. Further world’s first breakthroughs came in 199 when Dr Woods began transplanting body hair onto the scalp of balding men and those with severe scarring. So many men had decimated and scarred donors where no more hair could be removed, and still left with terrible, scarred, bald and unacceptable cosmetic results. Ray Woods created an irreversible worldwide trend toward minimally invasive micro surgical hair transplant surgery, and is recognized internationally as the innovator and world’s most experienced and leading expert in the field of Follicular Single Unit Extraction FUD hair transplant and related scar repair and body hair to scalp transplants (BLT). Dr Ray Woods is the beginning doctor in the world to research, prosper and perfect single follicular unit extraction, FUD. Dr Ray Woods is competent of performing multiple procedures in a matter of days and give coverage that would receive other techniques years to achieve. Graft for graft, hair follicle transplant the Woods Technique takes more time. Since that time till today, he has been the only doctor in the industry, exposing the industry, as healthy as hair implants. SCALP REDUCTION The idea here, is that a man with a important balding scalp, can have the balding area simply cut out. PRODUCTION LINE FUD Behind 15 years of fighting the system and successive publicity, the public demanded their local doctors present FUD, the reason they didn’t give it earlier is that they understood that Dr Woods was working around the fol

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Implantation of follicles takes much longer than extraction. When you have a blood test, a HYPODERMIC needle makes an elliptical SLIT into the skin. As the needle advances, it creates a TUNNEL UNDER THE SKIN. And after the needle is removed, behind a matter of minutes, there is NO evidence of the incision. The beauty of the hypodermic needle is that the bevel of the needle makes a desirable micro surgical ellipse, and then, as the needle advances, the skin edges are STRETCHED apart. Dr Woods believes that this is one reason why yields are destitute for the number of grafts promised. As each follicle is IRREPLACEABLEonce damaged in receive out or implantation, it is over. The Woods Technique Clinic offers hair transplant scar fix to patients whom have been left scarred and damaged by earlier and tranquil currently used, more destructive methods of the Hair Transplant industry. Over time, the scars stretch leaving the tolerant with horrific scarring. Neckbeard hair has also been impaired by Doctor Woods over many years and has been very thriving in repairing scars in the donor site and scalp (Refer to diamond 6 video) Even though it can be difficult in some cases, we can aid with most hair transplant scar repair and any FUD scar repair. Body Hair Transplant or BLT hair, was conceived and developed by Dr Ray Woods in 1998 behind being flooded with patients who had had their donor site depleted or destroyed by previous scalp flap, punch or strip surgeries. Dr Woods would never harvest remaining donor hair from these patients as it would leave them with either no hair on their donor site or there would not be sufficient hair to place in the recipient site. So Dr Woods began the arduous process of developing a revolutionary approach, where he realized that in a situation of desperation, body hair and beard hair could be old to repair balding or decimated areas on the hairline, scalp and donor area. The technique developed to the point where he was using it routinely to mend disfigurement and in some cases as a hair transplant method in its own right. It was soon known that body hair transplant or BLT hair, on the scalp may actually grow longer that it did on the body. The reason this method became so widely obvious is due to the fact that the difference between hair plugs before and after the surgery was unfortunately distinctly noticeable. Based on the previous surgical technique of skin grafts, the hair plug method would take trivial circular excisions of scalp from the donor area and graft them onto the areas of the scalp suffering from hair loss. Hair plugs prior and behind the surgeries may have looked fine at first since the newly transferred plugs were covered up by hair that still grew in the recipient area. Patients were then left with only the transferred plugs growing in the recipient areas. Increasingly, Dr Woods is seeing patients with decimated donor sites, very destitute bear and results, with patients asking for help. Once donor hair and body hair is gone, it is all opera baseball cap will be your only option to cover the damage. Another method of hair transplant for women is the plug method. In this case circles of your scalp are cut out from the donor area and are grafted onto the area suffering from hair loss. The preferred technique, obvious as Follicular Unit Extraction, does not require invasive surgery and does not leave scars.

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